The EU Wildlife Trade Regulation Captive Breeding Database has been developed for EU CITES Authorities. It will allow Member States to share information on animal species listed in the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations which have been produced by captive breeding, ranching or mariculture. The data can be queried by species, facility or country.

The database was initially populated by UNEP-WCMC with information relating to captive breeding, ranching and mariculture facilities derived from emails circulated by EU Member States and from information entered in CIRCA (http://circa.europa.eu) up to April 2011. We encourage Member States to continue to populate the database with additional information on captive breeding, ranching and mariculture. Additionally, information on facilities located within EU Member States can be added, in order to assist other Member States in processing exports.The information is accessible only to approved EU CITES Authorities, via a username and password. The usernames and passwords are the same as for the EU Electronic Library.

Personal information on private breeders (i.e. not companies) has not been entered by UNEP-WCMC. Member States will need to obtain consent from private breeders prior to uploading any personal information.

Entries are automatically saved under the accepted species name and under the most recently entered address/name of a facility. Entries under previous names/addresses of facilities can nevertheless be retrieved by users if required.

Please contact species@unep-wcmc.org with any comments or queries on the captive breeding database.